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Need a copywriter? Hire a freelancer.

Need a copywriter for your business? Here’s why you should hire a freelancer.

We’re flexible and scalable

Most businesses find it hard to justify bringing their copywriting in-house, making a freelancer the only option. But even if you've got the cash to throw at a fulltime in-house copywriting hire, freelancers might still be your best bet. It all comes down to how “spiky” your business’s requirements are. Your copywriting needs, far more than other area, will vary wildly over time. Freelancers allow you to meet demand as it occurs, without having to spend money paying for capacity when it isn’t needed. Your freelancer will be there when they’re needed, and disappear when surplus to requirement. And you get the best of both worlds, professional copy when you want it, without having to pay someone to sit around doing nothing from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. We’re committed

Another reason why freelancers are great value for money, is that we're totally committed to making you happy. I’ll be honest with you. Life as a freelance writer can be tough at times, there are plenty of us out there and a lot of competition for clients. A well maintained reputation as a reliable writer plays a huge role in our ability to carry on doing the job we love. We live and die by our clients feedback, often relying on word of mouth and recommendations to boost our visibility and hopefully lead us to even more work. The upshot of this is that when you do settle on a freelancer, that person will do everything they can to make sure the job is done right and you’re happy. We’re diverse In most fields of work people have areas in which they’re specialists. Copywriting is no different in this respect. You’ll find that whatever your line of business, there’s a copywriter that specialises in that area. Similarly, while most of us pride ourselves in being able to tackle just about any type of writing, we all have a few that we’re really good at. Some copywriters may specialise in blogs and inbound marketing content, where others may focus on writing web or app microcopy. So it’s easy to find a subject matter expert, and hire the exact right talent for the job at hand. We’re always learning A freelance copywriter might work with dozens of clients over the course of a year. Even if they specialise in a particular type of copy or business, they’re constantly being exposed to and having to come up with new ideas, flexing their intellectual muscles and bringing a diverse range of experience to each project. Good freelance copywriters are constantly learning, re-applying past experiences in imaginative ways to create the best copy possible. Freelance life may be challenging at time, but it’s rarely boring. That's why we love our jobs so much. And it means that we approach every new project with a level of creativity and enthusiasm that a staff copywriter might not be able to muster. We’ve got critical distance Every time you hire a freelancer, you’re also getting an external consultant, someone unconstrained by the established ways of thinking that may exist within your business. We bring a fresh pair of eyes, and by asking questions about your products, we can tease out compelling benefits and develop a value proposition that will profoundly boost the impact of marketing campaigns. Unlike in-house writers, and even agencies, a close one-on-one relationship with a freelance writer can add so much more value to your brand, by helping you to come up with answers to questions you hadn’t even thought to ask. We're always there for you

This one may seem a little counter intuitive. But hiring a freelancer might actually be a better way to keep hold of your writing resources. In-house copywriters can move on at any time. Taking their valuable brand specific knowledge and experience with them and leaving you in the unenviable position of trying to rebuild that talent from scratch. While you may never be in the same continent, let alone the same office, as your freelance writer, you’ll actually be far closer to them than any staff writer, as they’ll always be willing to return and help out when you need them. It’s a paying job after all. Now onto the tricky bit – finding a freelance copywriter who ticks all your boxes. We might be biased, but we like to think Main Course Copy will be a great fit....

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